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Free Press Head Start for Tuesday, Feb. 2

Good morning!

Your forecast: These don’t seem like the bone-chilling early February days of our childhood. Remember tuques pulled down to our eyes, parka hoods wrapped with scarves, ski pants, thick socks and heavy black boots? All to ensure no skin was exposed to the biting cold. Well, this week we’ll have none of that. Expect a mix of sun and cloud today and a high of -8 C, Wednesday drops to -12 C and Thursday should be sunny and -13 C. Looking ahead to the weekend, Saturday’s forecast calls for sunshine and -6 C.

In case you missed it

Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press
The Culvert that opens into the Red River at St. John’s Park on Main Street and Mountain Avenue.

Is it worth it?: City water and waste officials have a billion-dollar plan to reduce the amount of diluted sewage discharged into the city’s rivers during intense rainfalls. The proposed fix would increase the amount of diluted sewage capture from the current 74 per cent to 85 per cent, but there are questions about such a large expenditure for such a marginal benefit. READ MORE

Senator steps aside: Manitoba will have just two remaining senators as Maria Chaput, battling kidney disease, will resign effective March 1. Chaput, 73, a Liberal, was appointed in December 2002 by former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien. Manitoba’s two remaining senators, Don Plett and Janis Johnson, are both Conservatives. READ MORE

Parking costs too high: The Canadian Cancer Society in Manitoba says patients and their families, going through the worst times of their lives, deserve a break from the high cost of parking around local treatment centres. A Free Press report on Saturday revealed daily parking at some Winnipeg hospitals, including parkades and garages near CancerCare Manitoba, can cost up to $20 a day. READ MORE

Up next

People skate on the river trail Saturday at The Forks, taking advantage of unseasonably balmy conditions.

River trail expands: If you’re able to escape your responsibilities briefly today and don your skates, the river trail on Monday opened a second leg on the Red River, from Churchill Park to Queen Elizabeth Way. That makes a total of three kilometres of trail for skating or walking.

Heart of the matter: The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s 2016 Report on the Health of Canadians will be released today. The report takes a hard look at the growing burden of heart failure in Canada ─ and the gaps in care which urgently need to be addressed.

Jets seeing Stars: After a few days off for the annual NHL all-star weekend break, the Winnipeg Jets return to action tonight when the Dallas Stars visit the MTS Centre. Game time is 7 p.m.

Around the water cooler

Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press
Office workers in the rotunda underneath Portage and Main take an opportunity to look at some of the architectural renderings on display.

Open Portage and Main?: The Winnipeg Downtown BIZ has a display of storyboards in the concourse beneath the Portage and Main intersection until Wednesday to get people thinking about reopening foot traffic above ground. Mayor Brian Bowman campaigned on a promise to return the intersection to foot traffic. The Downtown BIZ and Exchange District BIZ will hold closed-door sessions with area property owners Thursday. READ MORE

Luxalune leaving: Brothers Lawrence and Chris Warwaruk, also the owners of Farmery Estate Brewery, officially announced the closing of Luxalune Gastropub at the 734 Osborne St. South location after 17 years in the restaurant business. The last day of business will be Feb. 13, as the building has been sold. READ MORE

Trending now

Keith Srakocic / The Associated Press Files
The weather predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

#GroundhogDay: People in the small Pennsylvania town with the funny name were already lining up today at 6 a.m. EST to get a glimpse of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog that “predicts” how long winter will last. The sight of his shadow determines a longer winter, while no shadow calls for an early spring. Sadly, here in Manitoba, groundhog Winnipeg Willow from the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre died Friday night, just days before Groundhog Day.

#XFiles: Fans of the exploits of FBI agents Mulder and Scully are truly in their glory these days as the popular show, which ran from 1993 to 2002, makes a brief, six-episode return. Monday night’s episode, the third of the short series, features the pair chasing down a man-sized lizard in the Oregon woods.

On this date

On February 2, 1992: The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Russian President Boris Yeltsin called for Canadian business investment in his homeland during his first face-to-face meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Gay clergy in Canada remained in the closet because of most congregations practised “Christian homophobia.” Winnipeg emergency workers received training to help them deal with the stresses of situations they encountered on the job.




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