About Us

Winnipeg Free Press is an independent publisher serving the city of Winnipeg and surrounding communities. The oldest newspaper in Western Canada, the Free Press has been published since 1872 on Treaty 1 land and the homeland of the Metis.

The Free Press creates strong and trustworthy journalism that is committed to truth, transparency and democracy. It is available daily online and at the newsstand, with home delivery offered Monday to Saturday.

The Free Press is the most read newspaper in Winnipeg with over 400,000 adults enjoying our stories each week (Vividata Spring 2019 Study). With the biggest newsroom west of Toronto, the Free Press works around the clock to cover the subjects that impact Manitobans and their community.

The Free Press takes great pride in creating an award-winning local product which is among the best on the country:

2019, INMA Global Media Awards, Engagement Category, "Above the Fold".

Note: Above the fold is available at the evening, and it contains relevant stories carefully developed by the Free Press team throughout the day

2019, National Newspaper Award, Canada's Columnist of the Year, Niigaan Sinclair (Journalist)
2019, News Photographers Association of Canada, three awards on Multimedia and Portrait / Personality Categories, Mikaela MacKenzie (Photo / Video Journalist)
2018, Editor and Publisher EPPY Award, Best Daily Newspaper Website
2018, INMA Global Media Awards, Mobile category, Best Use category, News Break app
2017, Editor and Publisher EPPY Award, Best Daily Newspaper Website
2016, National Newspaper Awards, Best column, Melissa Martin (Journalist)
2013, The Canadian Journalism Foundation, Excellence in Journalism Award