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Thur Mar. 4

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How it works

We partner with a local brewery to curate a tasting box which includes two beers and a food pairing for each, as well as a custom pint glass exclusive to Brew Box. The breweries and food vendors featured in Brew Box will always be Manitoba based.

You purchase the box from our featured brewer for $25, plus tax. Click the “buy now” button above to be directed to the purchase page for the current edition of the Brew Box.

Join in on a virtual tasting session exclusive to Brew Box buyers, which is hosted by Winnipeg Free Press drinks writer Ben Sigurdson and will include guests from the brewery and food vendors who will discuss the pairings.

What’s included in the March 2021 Brew Box (SOLD OUT)

March 2021 Featured Brewery

Fort Garry Brewing Company

Thom Bargen Coffee Stout by Fort Garry Brewing
Paired with tasting item from Chocolatier Constance Popp

A small batch 'cold brewed' coffee stout naturally aged without preservatives. This beer is dry hopped with locally roasted Los Naranjos, Colombia coffee beans from Thom Bargen Coffee Roasters which bring out the chocolate and coffee notes naturally present in the malt. A nutty character and just a hint of burnt sugar flavour round out this full body beer. ABV: 5%

Frontier Pilsner by Fort Garry Brewing
Paired with tasting item from Piccola Cucina

Steeped in tradition, we’ve recrafted our 1932 Frontier Pilsner - a malty lager made to the highest European standards. The finest malts and noble hops deliver maximum richness and flavour, while our cold fermentation and lagering process creates a wonderfully balanced beer. Good in 1932, legendary now. ABV: 5%


  • Custom Brew Box pint glass exclusive to this box
  • One piece of merch from Fort Garry Brewing Co.
  • Info package which includes a tasting guide and your instructions on how to attend the virtual tasting.
Winnipeg Free Press Brew Box
Chocolatier Constance Popp Piccola Cucina