Digital news subscription tax credit

The Canadian government introduced the Digital News Subscription Tax Credit that Winnipeg Free Press subscribers can claim on their personal income tax and benefit return from the years 2020 to 2024.

Only digital subscriptions are eligible for tax credit, but if you have a print newspaper subscription, you can also claim the credit using the qualifying standalone digital subscription rate of $16.99 plus GST per month.

You can claim the total amount paid for your Winnipeg Free Press digital subscription during the year.

Your subscription includes digital access, and you can claim the cost of a Winnipeg Free Press standalone digital subscription.

  • Maximum qualifying amount per monthly subscription payment:
    $16.99 + 5% GST = $17.84
  • Maximum qualifying amount per 13-week subscription payment:
    $16.99 x 3 months + 5% GST = $53.52
  • Maximum qualifying amount per 26-week subscription payment:
    $16.99 x 6 months + 5% GST = $107.04
  • Maximum qualifying amount per annual subscription payment:
    $16.99 x 12 months + 5% GST = $214.07

If you paid more for your print newspaper subscription, only the maximum qualifying amounts above are eligible to claim on your tax return. If you paid less than the maximum qualifying amounts above, you can claim the full amount paid for your subscription.

Note: If more than one individual is entitled to claim the qualifying subscription expense for a year (i.e. spouses, roommates, etc.), the total amount can be split between you, provided that the total amount claimed is not more than the maximum amount that would be allowed if only one of you made the claim.

The Winnipeg Free Press will email a subscription payment receipt to the primary email address on file for all subscription accounts by the end of February. This receipt will detail the amount paid for your subscription during the year and the amount you are eligible to claim for the Digital News Subscription Tax Credit on your tax return. Since this is a digital news tax credit, paper copies of this receipt will not be mailed. If you would like a physical copy, please print the subscription payment receipt email.

If you do not have an email address on file and would like to receive a subscription receipt, please email your name, address and phone number to

For more information visit Canada Revenue Agency: Digital news subscription tax credit.

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