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Digital news subscription tax credit

Subscribers of digital news, and newspaper subscribers with digital access, can claim the Digital News Subscription Tax Credit on their personal income tax and benefit return from 2020 to 2024.

Only digital subscriptions are eligible for tax credit, but if you have a print newspaper subscription with digital access, you can also claim the credit.

You are allowed to claim 15% of the annual digital subscription cost on your 2020 to 2024 personal income tax returns. Here's how the maximum Winnipeg Free Press Digital News Subscription Tax Credit is calculated:

Please note: if you spend less than $203.88 on your subscription in a calendar year, you can claim 15% of the total amount spent. If you spend more than $203.88 on your subscription in the calendar year, the maximum amount you can claim is $30.58.

If you are a print newspaper subscriber, the only requirement to claim the tax credit is to have an online account linked to your print subscription. If you've already done this, then you're eligible to claim the credit. If you have not, the first step is to create an online account.

Create online account

After you have created an online account, link your newspaper subscription to your online account.

Link your newspaper subscription

Any individual who subscribes to the Winnipeg Free Press can claim the credit. If more than one individual is entitled to claim the qualifying subscription expense for a year (i.e. spouses, roommates, etc.), the total amount can be split between you.

Subscribers should keep their records of payment (credit card statements, bank statements or Free Press invoices, if applicable) to the Winnipeg Free Press as receipts for the digital subscription tax credit.

If you have questions please email Digital Feedback at digitalfeedback@winnipegfreepress.com.

For more information visit: Canada Revenue Agency: Digital news subscription tax credit