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  1. Total Body Tune-up

    Six months of diet, exercise and lifestyle advice with personal trainer Tim Shantz

  2. Key of Bart

    Bartley Kives digests the news of the week and regurgitates it in the form of music you'll never forget, despite your best efforts

  3. Child Care Crunch

    An ongoing series examining the state of child care in Manitoba and Canada

  4. Digging Deep

    We follow the U of M women's volleyball team as it defends its national title.

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Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba


Photo Gallery: Canada Day in Winnipeg

Winnipeggers celebrate Canada Day by creating a living flag, decking out in maple leaves, or just kicking back and enjoying the hot, sunny weather.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Day 1 main camp

    05/31/2015 3:00 PM

  2. Hangtime at The Plaza

    05/31/2015 2:11 PM

  3. Birds on the brain

    05/31/2015 8:51 AM

  4. Taekwondo tournament

    05/31/2015 1:59 PM

  5. RCAF run

    05/31/2015 11:23 AM

  6. Play On! street hockey

    The University of Manitoba hosted the Play On! 4 on 4 Street Hockey Tournament this weekend and Trevor Hagan stopped by on Sunday to shoot some of the action. 05/18/2015 1:52 PM

  7. Smashed Window Club

    A selection of images from River Heights residents who belong to the Smashed Window Club page on Facebook. 05/13/2015 4:34 PM

  8. The Forks food court

    The Forks unveils plans for its $2.5-million overhaul of its food court. Renderings supplied by The Forks. 05/12/2015 11:09 AM

  9. Downtown building burns

    Photojournalist Mike Deal was on the scenee as thick black smoke filled the air Sunday morning while firefighters fought to contain a blaze in the unoccupied red brick apartment building at 543 Bannatyne Ave. 05/10/2015 2:09 PM


Live coverage

  1. A look at Manitoba’s Ukrainian community through their churches

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