A Winnipeg barber is sharpening his scissors despite his shop being closed under public health orders.

A Winnipeg barber is sharpening his scissors despite his shop being closed under public health orders.

Jeremy Regan, owner of Hunter & Gunn barbershop, has decided to do house calls — or more accurately, as he puts it, yard calls — by setting up in clients’ yards to cut their hair. The clients will provide the chair, and Regan will take his scissors, razors, combs, etc.

Regan put out the call minutes after the province announced relaxed outdoor restrictions. As of Saturday morning, up to five people from two other households can visit a private residence.

"It’s more an act of desperation because, I’ll be honest, I’m just plainly out of money. I mean, we’ve been shut down for seven of the last 14 months," he said. He added: "I know it’s not in the spirit of the rules, but the spirit of the rules is making me not pay my mortgage. So, I’m willing to take a little bit of a leap here."

Regan said messages have been rolling in since he put out his offer on Twitter.

"I can’t keep up with the amount of (direct messages) that I’ve gotten. That’s not a word of a lie, I can’t keep up," he said. "I’ll probably be asking my staff if they’re willing to do it because I won’t be able to do everyone who's reached out to me."

Regan had about 100 messages within 2½ hours. Regan said regular customers will be served first, then he'll move on to others.

The normal charge for a haircut at Hunter & Gunn is $26, but to account for travel time and gas, "yard calls" will cost $40.

He’d originally offered to do cuts for $30 at his own residence, but said he "kind of jumped the gun on that one."

He pulled that offer because he doesn’t want multiple people to simply show up at his home at the same time and break restrictions. By playing the travelling barber he can ensure it’s only him and the client in the yard, which would adhere to the letter of the law.

Regan, who said he’s been vaccinated, said he and his clients will wear masks.

"My clients are extremely, extremely excited," he said. "Some of them wouldn’t have had a haircut for the last couple of months. You know, it’s hot, and now’s the time people want their hair short."

Regan, who lives in a house with his wife, two kids and mother-in-law, said of the potential income: "It’s not enough, but it is going to pay my mortgage this week."