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Ex-cop caught up in police net

One of 34 targeted in major undercover assault on Angels


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One chose life of crime; the other, hockey

ONE is no stranger to referees and spends much of his time sitting in the penalty box. Another is a familiar face to the Manitoba justice system who has seen his share of courtrooms and jail cells.

Sean Wolfe and Riley Cote come from the same family but have taken drastic­ally different paths in life.

Wolfe is a full-patch Hells Angels mem­ber, who was one of the main targets of a 13-month undercover sting operation that ended with 34 arrests this weeks.

His first cousin, Cote, is one of the National Hockey League's most feared enforcers, who laces up the skates for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Cote came under fire a few years ago for posting a link on his MySpace page to Wolfe's and displaying a banner showing the Hells Angels logo. He removed the graphic days later after his connection became an international story.

"He's my cousin, he's family. What do you want me to do? I can't change any­thing about it. I mean, I've got to support him like he's my brother. What would you do?" Cote told a group of reporters when confronted.

"He's (like) my big brother. He spent a lot of time at my house. He chose one path, I chose another. That's just a perfect example of people choosing their own destinies, their own careers. I could have easily followed that."


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