Letters, May 2


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Ready to help PM pack

Re: In New York, Trudeau gets grilled about Canada’s commitment to humanitarian aid (April 27)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was looking for love in New York because he can’t find enough in Canada.

Prancing on the international stage and schmoozing with the super-rich and the globally influential might be part of Justin’s clandestine plot to obtain a job on the top floor of the United Nations building. That’s where his innate talent, i.e., blowing hot air, would be met with smatterings of applause and much head-bobbing. Just think, he would have no need to concern himself with mundane day-to-day issues such as dealing with irate government employees. He would also have unlimited pre-paid travel and holiday opportunities.

It sounds like the perfect place for him to spout off about “sunny ways” while sipping champagne and nibbling on crackers topped with caviar.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.

Pierre not so popular

Re: Will Trudeau step aside? (Think Tank, April 28)

Did Royce Koop write this on April 1? I don’t know anyone who would want Pierre Poilievre as our prime minister over Justin Trudeau. Wait, I think I know one, possibly two. Everything about Poilievre is the same as he was when part of Stephen Harper’s crew, and that is not a compliment.

When and where did Professor Koop conduct his polls? Or, whose polls did he use? What was the wording of the questions? Most people — no, all the people I know want Stefanson and company gone from here. The word is the same for Danielle Smith in Alberta. She would fit better as a MAGA candidate in the United States. I don’t think people are that excited about Doug Ford any more in Ontario. What did he do about Covid-19 and healthcare in general?

So, where are all these hidden Tories that would suddenly join Poilievre? Well maybe the truckers, but how many are there? Rural people have always voted Tory, plus the wealthier sections of our cities. They want their taxes back, plus other folks taxes, and to heck with public services; except theirs. What’s changed?

As far as a new Liberal leader, who is there? No, not our finance minister. Frankly, Trudeau’s family vacation did not upset me. Drop the cost of his plane and security team, which is the same sitting in Ottawa, and what was left? Alright, there is the extra fuel and some food for everyone.

How many provincial Tory leaders and/or their ministers took a vacation during COVID-19, while the rest of us sat huddled in our homes afraid to leave? They often lied about taking one. That was a bigger sin than Trudeau’s, if his was a sin. I know a lot of people who take a winter vacation, and they don’t give two hoots about those having a tough time. Well, they don’t want others hurt, but it did not stop them from going.

Poilievre is not as intelligent, likable, known or respected by others around the world as Trudeau. Be careful, you might regret what you wish for in Poilievre. He does not have the answers for our ills regarding inflation, health care, foreign affairs, and whatever is left, regardless of his ridiculous comments in Parliament.

Don Halligan


Take P&M back to glory days

Re: “Opening Portage and Main obvious move” (Letters, April 25)

I agree with Heather Erhard and others that it’s time to open Portage and Main to pedestrians. Here we have the most iconic intersection in Canada that people cannot cross. Instead they have to descend into a maze-like underground and find their way to daylight.

Recently, some newcomers to Winnipeg ended up coming out where they went in. Rather than expensive schemes for gardens in the sky, or maybe a sky train, just tear down the barriers, and let people cross. This would be the simplest and cheapest option.

As was suggested, city officials should do some travelling. Take a look at Tokyo, with a metropolitan population equivalent to the whole of Canada, some 37 million-plus, as of 2018. It has scores of intersections as big or bigger than P and M. People cross from every direction in orderly fashion, and then cars follow in their turn. The same in Osaka, a city the size of Chicago. I never once felt unsafe walking across their intersections; never saw anyone run over.

So let’s return Portage and Main to its glory days. It was more impressive in 1923 than it is today.

Kenneth A. Green


Wilfulness won’t cut it

Re: Advocates’ relevance questioned (April 28)

Coun. Jeff Browaty is pandering to that portion of the population in climate change denial. I don’t doubt for a moment that many people want their drive-through coffee to continue uninterrupted and unchallenged. The councillor came across as dismissive of a presentation to council which appears to have an eye towards a more sustainable and environmental friendly Winnipeg.

Councillor Browaty’s comments ignore the obvious fact that idling vehicles are among the low hanging fruit in our struggles with emissions and the damage these do to our struggle against global warming.

In addition his statements imply that because people want it, these drive-through service that doing nothing in the way of change is perfectly acceptable. At this point in the climate change struggle, we have ample evidence that “doing nothing” is a misnomer.

Ignoring the obvious easy targets of global warming is willful act of continue to add to the problem, not a benign action at all.

Dick Forbes


No beef with Browaty

Advocates’ relevance questioned (April 28) was one of the most entertaining articles I have read in recent history. Jeff Browaty is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He looks past some of the rhetoric and tearing-of-hair on display when some “special” interest groups make their views known.

When he calls them on the subject matter in their presentations they lose it. “He should be removed from committee!”

Believe it or not, Browaty and the rest of our members of council have a city to run, to the benefit of all Winnipeg’s citizens. It’s a difficult task that requires a broad perspective.

Tom Pearson


Don’t give N.D. dollars

Re: North Dakota’s abortion ban bill becomes veto-proof (April 28)

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, tourism to Russia has dropped to four per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

After all, who wants to spend tourism dollars supporting Russia’s war economy? Similarly, many prospective tourists are choosing destinations other than Jamaica, because it has been described as the most homophobic island in the Caribbean, with harsh anti-gay laws and high rates of LGBTTQ+ violence. And now, just a short road-trip down Hwy. 75, North Dakota has passed what will become one of the strictest abortion laws in the U.S., banning abortions at all stages of pregnancy, with very few exceptions (rape and incest in the first six weeks).

It has become our turn to vote with our tourism dollars. It’s time for those of us who support reproductive rights for women and girls to turn our backs on the shopping trips and poolside weekend jaunts to Grand Forks and Fargo.

And be sure to call the managers of the inns and hotels we frequent to let them know why you’re staying away.

Gareth Neufeld



Updated on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 8:48 AM CDT: Adds headline, adds links, adds tile photo, minor copy editing changes

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