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In a bid to help restaurants, mom-and-pop shops and other local businesses hurting during these trying times, the Free Press has launched a service to help our community connect with companies still open for business. 

In partnership with Bold Commerce, the Free Press is hosting the listing service on our site. This free directory enables businesses still operating to provide details on how to order and what pick-up and delivery options are available.

We encourage businesses who are still operating in any capacity to use this new service to reach customers — and we encourage our readers to use this directory to shop local, eat local and buy local.

Looking for a business? Start scrolling below. You can zoom on the map to your area, and you can filter your results by the type of business (restaurant, shop, etc.) and type of service you're looking for, including pickup, delivery, and whether there are special offers hours for seniors and people who have compromised immune systems. 

Want to list your business? Click on the icon with three bars at the top-right of the widget below and click "Add your business."  Or visit the site here to register and set up your listing. This service is completely free.

Don't see the map and directory below? Open it in a new window