Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: This summer I had a COVID romance with one man and we went into a sworn bubble until Sept. 1. On that day, we said we would re-negotiate.

He was sweet and tender and fun all summer. But, to my shock and amazement at midnight Aug. 31, he said yes, he definitely was getting out of our bubble in my little apartment, that he felt suffocated and that the romance was "premature."

I watched him pack his bags in shock, saying nothing. He picked up his suitcases and said, "Well, aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?" A friend had pulled up outside and was honking. I just lost it, slapped his face hard and ran into the bedroom and cried.

He never said a word about being unhappy or feeling trapped before it was time to move out. He was quite loving and eager during the summer months. Then he was suddenly — in one day — so cold. He just ran off.

I don’t understand what happened over the summer. I grew very fond of him and looked forward to a cozy fall and winter and, who knows, maybe forever? 

Was he just faking it for the summer so he could get sex from me? — Was I Used? Fort Richmond

Dear Was I Used: It sounds like this Romeo wanted to enjoy lots of sex for the summer, and was more than happy to move on from the situation by Sept 1. So, yes, you were used, at least for part of the summer.

He did call it a "premature romance" so he may have felt sweet towards you at first, but, by the time Sept. 1 rolled around, he had secretly gotten his fill and was ready for his own place, or someone else’s.

Did he pay half the rent at your place or give nothing but his charms? Whichever, you have learned in a hard way not to be hasty about investing in a new COVID-19 sexual bubble. They can burst so easily.

How do you know for sure he was true? He’s not to be trusted! You should see your doctor, tell the whole story and get tested, just to be sure you’re OK.


Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m traumatized by what I witnessed. An older couple were walking through the store I was in. The (presumed) husband was berating his wife with extremely foul language because she was looking at a towel! Then he was verbally abusive again, because she didn’t turn down the aisle he wanted to go.

What struck me was she didn’t say a word and just did what he said, as if she had obviously heard these abusive attacks for decades.

I’m so sad for this lady and how she has grown numb to his degrading assaults! I wanted to take her away and tell her she deserves better.

No one has the right to treat anyone this way. Ever! — Wife Abuse, Winnipeg

Dear Wife Abuse:  It’s hard to know what to do in these cases. If you interfere, will it help? Will this poor woman get berated worse on the way home? If you called the store manager, they might have been able to curb his in-store treatment. Some managers are trained how to act.

If readers have any ideas on what to do in this situation, that wouldn’t backfire, please write in with your suggestions.


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